Access Innovations is a stand alone business built on steerable thin walled catheter shaft technology. This technology platform has countless applications in vascular access and is competitive with far more expensive robotic and magnetic techniques to control catheters.

The Morph catheter family is a fully scalable platform. We are working hard to enable it to be available to physicians who can benefit from its ability to navigate through tortuous anatomy, customize the shape of the catheter to the patient's anatomy and their clinical needs during the procedure, and to have stellar back up support once positioned.

Morph Universal Deflectable Guides and Morph AccessPro Steerable Introducers Sheaths can improve physician control and reduce procedural times and radiation exposure. These in turn have potential to enhance patient safety. There has been a growing body of literature that plaque emboli is dislodged during procedures due to catheter manipulation. Instead of using multiple preshaped catheters and potentially scraping the soft curves along the aorta, the Morph guides and sheaths enable a physician to use a catheter that is inserted in a straight configuration and deflected into the desired shape when at the target lesion or vessel. It is estimated that the Morph catheters pay for themselves in any procedure where they save 2 minutes of expensive procedure room time. The maximal control and minimal manipulation approach the Morph steerable guides and sheaths is intended to provide should have benefits to patient, physician, hospital, and insurer.


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